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We really, really like tea - so we curated a list of over 60 loose-leaf teas and ceremonial grade matcha. But what we are known for are our Chai teas: Traditional Masala, Earl Grey Chai, Rooibos Chai, Kahva Green Chai, and Smoky Chai, as well as our signature blends: Communitea English Breakfast, Golden Rooibos and LIC Fog. To add to our teas and lattes, are our own house-made syrups such as rose-water, lavender, chocolate, vanilla, and seasonal syrups 

The locals love our rotating specials including giant Bowls, Fancy-Pants Grilled Cheeses, soups, and our seasonal drinks. We offer a wide range of gluten-free and vegan pastries that are so delicious you wouldn't know the difference - but our homemade double-fudge brownies, chocolate chunk cookies and banana bread are the big winners!

New to our menu is our homemade, small-batch, artisanal ice cream made from our teas: chai, coconut-vanilla, jasmine green, and lavender-earl grey to name a few. Try it as an Affogato (espresso with a scoop of ice cream) or brownie a la mode or seasonal pie a la mode! Take home our pantry staples for home cooking including our house-made salad dressings, pesto, pickled veggies, and garlic-chili oil sauce. 

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