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House-made Pantry Items:

Granola with dried fruit, 10oz
Garlic-Chili Oil 5oz
House-made Pesto 8oz
House-made Dressings 12oz
(Balsamic, Red-wine, Chipotle, Herb-Tahini)

Merci Mercado Chapulines (Grasshoppers)

Origin: Oaxaca Valley, Mexico
Three Flavors: Plain Recipe, Chipotle Recipe, and Adobo Recipe
Salts: Sal de Gusano, Chapuline Salts

Insects are much more efficient than animals when it comes to protein production; they require less food to produce the same amount of protein. For example, with 10 pounds of seeds we could obtain 6 pounds of grasshoppers, meanwhile we would only obtain 1 pound of beef. By increasing our insect consumption, we would need less land for farming, less water, less deforestation, and would lower our greenhouse gas emissions. Join the Merci Mercado family and bring to your table not only a delicious food product but also a healthy, versatile, and sustainable one!
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