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"ANTHORA" CUP - Enjoy your favorite hot beverage in this iconic cup in 9 oz ceramic mug. Hand-wash only. SOLD OUT

CERAMIC CHAWAN BOWLS - Hand-thrown ceramic chawan bowls custom designed just for us by Christina Colombo for our ceremonial matcha tea. Each one is unique therefore small imperfections may be noticeable but only add to the beauty of each bowl. Dishwasher safe. Christina Colombo

6 inches in diameter, 2 inches deep

DIALLO HOUSE MUG - Diallo House wears many hats as an artist, designer, musician, and avid angler. Diallo's screen-printed image of Ephoron mayflies adorns this limited edition 15 oz mug. SOLD OUT
Discover more at Diallo House

CUP COZIES KNITTED BY ELLA - Keep your hand from getting hot with these fashionable, handmade cup sleeves, exclusively made for Communitea by a local knitter KNITTED BY ELLA Hand-wash/tumble dry to retain shape.

BIODEGRADABLE TEA FILTERS - Brew the perfect cup of tea at home or on the go with these disposable, biodegradable tea-filter bags. Also useful for brewing iced tea or mulling spices! Pack of 100. Compost entire tea bag and grounds.

FINUM TEA STRAINER - Brew the perfect cup of tea at home sustainably with this tea strainer- use the lid to cover your mug to maintain heat or use as a drip tray. Dishwasher safe.

REUSABLE STAINLESS-STEEL STRAW PACK - Reusable stainless-steel straw, brush and drawstring pouch for carrying in your bag or for storage. Do your part and help keep plastic straws out of the ocean! Dishwasher safe.

MATCHA WHISK (CHASEN) - Traditional Bamboo whisk or chasen for aerating your tea to make the perfect frothy cup of Matcha Tea. Hand-wash only. Compost when worn down. SOLD OUT

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