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Welcome 2022!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

With the new year upon us I thought I'd create a blog! As I type these words I'm thinking: "do I have the time? do I have the emotional energy? what am I committing to when I have so much on my proverbial plate already?". But hey It's 2022 -- let's start it out with new ideas!

So who am I? I am the co-owner of Communitea, Kafia. Wearing different "hats" is par for the course for small business owners. Usually, you'll find me behind the counter. I might take your order and make your drinks. Perhaps you'll see me cooing over brand-new babies or chatting up precocious toddlers. Lately, I'm in the kitchen training new staff or baking treats (or fixing something). But I am always working on creating new menu items, running the social media accounts, sourcing new ingredients-vendors-retail and organizing events. Let's cross our fingers that we can get back to our monthly events this year - they were always so much fun. In the meantime, stay tuned for some monthly pop-ups by local purveyors!

My sister Talia has always been my champion and encouraged me to share more about myself. She took the pic below in 2020 (wow two years ago?). She wrote a great post for EaterNY about the struggle of restaurants during Covid - read it here. She'll join me in this journey as a guest writer and share about her food adventures in the Big Apple (she has many).

Kafia Saxe, pic by Talia Saxe, 2020

On a weekly basis I will attempt to share the struggles and joys of running a small business and what is happening in our community! Sometimes I'll be brief, sometimes I'll jump on a soap box and pontificate, maybe I'll be funny (crosses fingers). Check in for meal inspirations, news of local happenings, arts and crafts shows and whatever else I find interesting, frustrating and fascinating! I hope you'll join me ~ Cheers, K

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