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Carpe de-cookie

A New Year resolution can be a fresh start on your way to a better you or a nagging reminder that you promised yourself to change. I know for many of you it's a promise to stop drinking coffee/caffeine or to cut out the sugary treats. Maybe it's to eat less meat, dairy or carbs and add more fresh veggies to your plates. As quick as the New Year arrives so follows February...and habits revert back to pre-holiday season.

At the risk of sounding like a promotion we have what you need to help you maintain your dietary resolutions---and lots more if you have dumped the idea of them! We offer pro-biotic Kombucha on tap in seasonal flavors (also great for digestion), plus over 60 loose-leaf teas if you care to move away from coffee and many decaf herbal teas (all herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free except for the highly caffeinated #Yerba Mate). Our menu has vegan and gluten free options and our treats vary from the not-so sweet "Ugly" Bar with flax seeds to the jammy pleasure of a "Raspberry-Hazelnut Bar" (both of which are vegan and gluten-free --SURPRISE!).

Learning good eating habits for the long-term are ideal. My sister-in-law @taracanningnutition is a nutritionist currently conducting a daily "Swop" on instagram whereby she gives tips on swapping out ingredients or items for healthier eating with satisfaction. Additionally, one should take in to consideration that moderation can assist in long-term goals. Even after the empowering mantra of "treat yo-self" widely used on social media some still feel bad about a little indulging here and there. I have witnessed on many occasions the flush of embarrassment for ordering a brownie for oneself, or the longing gaze at the powdered custard donut.

I'm not advocating by any means an unhealthy diet nor am I here to discourage personal goals. These past two years of Covid where we have lost loved ones or have been out sick with the fear of a trip to the hospital has proven yet again that we are mere mortals! But perhaps in 2022 we should be more gentle with ourselves-- besides aren't we still in our sweatpants and leggings? So I dare say "carpe diem" and get that fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie - with your newly discovered cuppa tea. I recommend the LIC Fog with oatmilk! We promise we won't judge you~ Cheers, Kafia

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